The origin of the subsidiary runs a long way back originating from the position of Liaison Officer to World Health Organization (LOWHO) with Cedric Lee of Hong Kong being the first LOWHO for the tenure of 2009/2010, who was responsible for maintaining the official relations between WHO and AMSA International. In 2018, the position of LOWHO was renamed as DoPH (Director of Public Health), with an aim to expand the outreach and contribution towards the public health issues at an international level. Sopak Supakul of Japan was the first DoPH of AMSA International for the tenure of 2018/2019. In 2020, the scope of Public Health was expanded to include Global Health. Under the vision and support by the Overall Chairperson, Marjorie Ong Jia Yi of Malaysia, and the guidance of an AMSAAC member and Global Health specialist, Dr Khor Swee Kheng of Malaysia, the subsidiary was officially renamed to the Global Health subsidiary of AMSA International. Khushman Kaur Bhullar of India was appointed as the first Director of Global Health (DoGH) for the tenure of 2020/2021. The framework of the subsidiary was officially set following the expansion in May 2021.

Global Health Meeting (GHM)

A GHM refers to any meeting convened by the International DoGH with the discretion of the AMSA Global Health Committee. 

Global Health Training (GHT) 

A GHT refers to training specially tailored for the members of AMSA International to empower participants with the resources and opportunities in global health. 

Global Health Event (GHE) 

A GHE refers to all other activities organised by the AMSA Global Health Committee except GHMs and GHTs.

International GHE includes

National GHE includes

Subsidairy Activities

  • 69th WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Colombo, Sri Lanka] (September 2016)
  • 67th WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Manila, Philippines] (October 2016)
  • 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion by WHO [Shanghai, China] (November 2016)
  • 70th WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Maldives] (September 2017)
  • 68th WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Queensland, Australia] (October 2017)
  • AMSA-IFMSA Joint Online Campaign: Mental Health in Asia Pacific Medical Students (May 2018)
  • Establishment of Asian Medical Students’ Association Community Service [AMSACS] (July 2018)
  • 71st WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Delhi, India] (September 2018)
  • 69th WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Manila, Philippines] (October 2018)
  • WHO Health Literacy Webinar (September 2019)
  • 72nd WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [New Delhi, India] (September 2019)
  • World Antibiotic Awareness Week (November 2019)
  • AMSA-FAMSA-EMSA World AIDS Day Campaign (December 2019)
  • 73rd World Health Assembly [WHA] Delegation [Geneva, Switzerland] (May 2020)
  • 73rd WHO SEARO RC Observer Delegation [Bangkok, Thailand] (September 2020)
  • 71st WHO WPRO RC Observer Delegation [Manila, Philippines] (October 2020)
  • AMSA-FAMSA (EMSA, IADS, IVSA) World Antibiotic Awareness Week (November 2020)
  • AMSA International Global Health EAMSC Plenary (January 2021)
  • AMSA Global Health Training: Global Health 101 (February 2021)
  • Interchapter Collaboration Programme: World Immunisation Week – Strong Nations with Vaccination (May 2021)
  • AMSA International Masterclass: Essentials of Planning Public Health Projects (May 2021)
  • Interchapter Collaboration Programme: International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (June 2021)