AMSOP is a community and public health-based programme to be hosted annually by an international team, made up of members from different chapters. 


Through AMSOP, competent, community-sensitive, and empathetic individuals are cultivated to spread the philosophies of AMSA with impactful volunteerism. 


  • To promote knowledge-driven volunteerism (Knowledge)
  • To share responsibilities as medical students in reaching out to communities across the region (Action); and 
  • To foster lasting bonds between participants and enhance cross-cultural understanding among them (Friendship)

Please refer to the latest AMSA International Constitution, Supplementary Constitutions and Guidelines to understand the terms and conditions of AMSOP better. Should you have further queries, please write to us via “Contact Us”. The programme is still yet to be launched as it has to be organised physically. We deeply apologise for the inconvenience. 

-The procedure, templates, and reports sections for AMSOP are still under technical development.-