A GHM refers to any meeting convened by the International DoGH with the discretion of the AMSA Global Health Committee, which includes:

  • Mandatory Biannual Plenaries.
  • Quarterly subsidiary meetings.

The Biannual Plenaries may be physical or online. They must be held in coordination with the nature of EAMSC and AMSC, and during the conference. The format of the Biannual Plenaries is adopted from the World Health Assembly of WHO and should include the following provisional agenda:

  1. Opening ceremony.
  2. 6-month reports by AMSA Global Health Committee:
    1. Global Report by International DoGH, entailing:
      1. GHMs;
      2. GHTs; and
        • International GHEs.
        1. National and Local Reports by N-DoPGHs, entailing:
          1. Public health events, particularly AMSACS;
          2. International health involvements; and
        • Global health contributions.
        1. Address by International DoGH.
        2. Speech by representative of AMSA Global Health Advisory Board.
        3. Introduction of International DoGH-Elect (if relevant).
        4. Address by International DoGH-Elect (if relevant).
        5. Closing ceremony.

        The Plenary held during AMSC is the main conjuncture of the subsidiary. The Plenary functions to determine the framework and representative policies of the organisation, and to review the annual performance of the subsidiary.

Past Plenary Reports

Plenary Code Year of AMSC Location of AMSC Name of Report
AGM36/012 2021 United Kingdom (Online)
AGM36/012 2021 United Kingdom (Online)
AGM36/012 2021 United Kingdom (Online)