AMSA International Policy was introduced in 2021 after the rebranding of the subsidiary. The initiatives were driven by the need to enhance relations with WHO and to empower our members by addressing regional and local health issues. The focus areas of the advocacy and policy work are set by the International DoGH with the advice of the AMSA Global Health Advisory Board. 


Through the introduction of AMSA International Policy, AMSA International addresses regional and local health issues rationally and delivers realistic outcomes for the welfare of all. 


  • To empower AMSA Members and members with necessary skills and knowledge to address health issues;
  • To address Asia-Pacific health issues rationally and realistically; and
  • To strive for authoritative involvement and development in realising sustainable outcomes across the region.

Please refer to the latest AMSA International Constitution, Supplementary Constitutions and Guidelines for more details to propose a policy brief and position paper. Should you have further queries, please write to us via “Contact Us”. 

-The focus areas, procedure, and policy document sections for AMSA International Policy are still under technical development.-